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Fluoro-Shield Radiation Reduction Gloves™

The Problem

Procedures utilizing fluoroscopy can expose the doctor’s hands to considerably more
radiation than the rest of the body. Standard radiation badges do not reflect this high level of radiation1.

The Solution

Mundy Medical Fluoro-Shield Radiation Reduction Gloves2.

  1. Dense protective material is twice as effective as lead of the same thickness in stopping radiation.
  2. Soft natural latex rubber has the inherent properties of surgical gloves.
  3. Packaged sterile

The Protection

Direct Beam Energy Level12 Mil Thick Fluoro-Sheild Glove312 Mil Thick Lead Loaded Rubber Glove4
60 KVP57%30%
80 KVP47%22%
100 KVP38%16%
120 KVP33%
125 KVP12%
Radiation Attenuation Percent

The Specifics

SizesPart NumberDescription
7011730MBox of 3/Sterile
7.5011731MBox of 3/Sterile
8011732MBox of 3/Sterile
8.5011733MBox of 3/Sterile
9011734MBox of 3/Sterile


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