SteriScan™ Steam Sterilization Integrator

SteriScan™ Integrators parallels the performance of biological indicator spore strips on a linear scale with a margin of safety through the entire steam sterilization range. It is an easy to read scale not a color change indicator that is effective from 245 to 275 degrees of steam sterilization.

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Accurate and Instant Results with SteriScan™

Accurately Integrates All Critical Steam Sterilization Parameters

• Time
• Temperature
• Steam

Quality You Can Depend On

• Developed by inventor of the original integrator
• Made with safe and non-toxic chemicals

Client Testimonial

John Anderson

"SteriScan™ is so effective and easy to use that it's become the only sterilization integrator you'll find in my hands!"

Easy to Read

• Advancing color bar
• Not a color changing strip
• Eliminates the need to interpret or match colors

Effective Across The Normal Sterilization Range
(245° F - 275° F)

• Eliminates the need to carry multiple inventories