universal camera drape
The MUNDY camera drape

The drape is a practical alternative to expensive sterilants which can lower turnaround time between surgical video cases. Helps eliminate repair costs due to sterilants damage. Eliminates camera breakdown caused by repeated soakings.

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Universal Camera Drape
  • Stretch opening provides tight seal
  • Clear Kraton does not obstruct view of focus controls
  • Short telescopic fold makes draping fast and easy

Tear Tip Camera Drape
MTI-575 - Has a perforated “tear tip” that is torn off and sealed with tape around scope.
MTI-575B - Tear Tip Camera Cover Box, 5”x 96”, 25 Per Box
MTI-575C - Tear Tip Camera Cover Case, 5”x 96”, 50 Per Case
Universal Camera Drape
MTI-675 - Has a 3/8” stretch opening that fits around the scope to provide a seal
MTI-675B - Universal Camera Drape Box. 5”x 96”, 25 Per Box
MTI-675C - Universal Camera Drape Case. 5”x 96”, 50 Per Box

A Practical Alternative to Sterilants

Mundy camera drapes protect equipment and the sterile field.
The benefits:

  • Lower turnaround time between cases
  • Lower repair costs due to sterilant damage
  • Eliminates camera breakdown caused by repeated soakings